Scraping a car is not as difficult as it seems. Though there are several things, you need to arrange and keep in mind while scraping a car, but the main thing is you need the support of authentic scrap metal merchants in Bognor Regis.

Around two million cars are scrapped in the UK. This is a really good way to get rid of your old and unused cars and earn some money too.

Have You Done It Before

If you have already done it before, then the industry of scrap cars in Bognor Regis is known to you. But what if this is your first time? In such a case, you need to understand a few things related to this entire process. There are companies that can help you to execute the process smoothly since they have vast experience in the scrap metal industry. You should contact them and deal with these experts to have a transparent, smooth and fast deal.

Authorized Treatment Facility

No matter what type of vehicle you have, it has to be scrapped by an Authorized Treat Facility or ATF. This is one of the most vital legal requirements that every car owner has to perform while taking their car for scrapping.

What about the Car Insurance

When it comes to the insurance of the vehicle which you want to scrap, you need to understand a few points.

  1. Who will be liable for the insurance of the car which is there for scraping?
  2. Since when the liability will pass from you to the scraping company?
  3. What paperwork do you need to fill out for this shifting?
  4. When should the paperwork be done?

You should talk to your insurance agent as well as the scrap car merchant to get answers to all these questions.

If you park the car you want to scrap on the road, then you must have the insurance of the same. It is illegal not to have active car insurance for the vehicle when you leave it on the road; even if it is not in the driving condition. In this situation, the car is your responsibility until the scrap car company come and collect the same.

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