With time, your car ages, and then the day when you need to get rid of it finally comes. Are you stuck with an old and non-functional car in your driveway? What are you planning to do with it? Sell your car to a scrapyard and get paid money straight into your bank.

When you make frequent trips to the mechanics, you’ll notice that the repair expenses exceed the car’s actual value. Once you’ve reached this point, it’s time to get rid of your car.

To scrap cars in Worthing, go to a scrapyard. These professionals will sort out the valuable parts of the car.

scrap cars

Know about the valuable parts of a scrap car

Car engine:

Even if the car is old, if the engine is functioning, you can sell it and get cash. Sometimes, a few problems, like issues with the spark plug, oil pump, and piston of the engine, can be sorted out, and the old engine can be resold. Again, if you’ve recently replaced your engine, remove it before sending the car to the scrapyard and resell it later.

Transmission system:

The transmission system maintains the car’s speed. If your transmission system is still repairable, you can take it out and sell it later. Instead of scraping the whole car, save the transmission system for the future. Your old car can generate pounds to help you buy a new one.

Metal car parts:

The scrapyard will break down the whole car and extract the metal body parts from it. If your engine and transmission system are non-functional, you can still make a profit by selling the metal parts. You can sell off aluminium extracted from the engines. Apart from aluminium, you can also get steel, cast iron and brass from the scrapped cars. Once you extract the same, turn the metals into cash instantly.

Air conditioner:

Even if the air conditioner is not working, you can sell its parts and make some money. Some parts, like the condenser and compressor, can not only be sold but reused in a car later. Let’s say you’re planning to buy a car in the future. Keep the AC parts for future installations.

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