Metals are used by a wide range of industries worldwide. No matter which sector a business is established, it cannot perform daily operations without metal. As a result, commercial units often stock up on old metal pieces that need to be recycled.

Recycling Scrap Metals is the Best Solution:

Metal recycling is a much more reliable way of getting rid of scrap metals. A commercial enterprise should collaborate with a well-known scrapyard in Chichester for a pollution-free metal disposal method. To ease the process, a business should conduct a prior scrap audit and segregate the metals.

Scrap Metal Sorting Checklist to Follow:

A business should follow certain elements while preparing a scrap audit checklist. You can find a detailed take on this sector in the following section.

Understand the Recycling Process:

Knowing the recycling process is important before scrapping metal components. It gives you a step-by-step idea of how the recycling process works. This helps in preparing your business to correctly store and recycle the material. The more metal your business collects, the higher the value you will receive.

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Set Up an Inventory Check:

This process is similar to checking the inventory for other business materials. Here, you must produce a list of scrap metals you have gathered in the last few months or years. The inventory check depends greatly on the business size and the amount of recyclable metal you possess.

Sort the Metals:

Sorting the metals is one of the most crucial parts of collecting recyclable metals in your office or factory. Segregate the two major forms of metals: ferrous and non-ferrous. You can detect ferrous metals in your scrap with a magnet. All other metals, including copper, lead, aluminium, etc., fall under the non-ferrous category.

Stock the Scrap Metals Carefully:

Once you follow the vital steps, it’s time to store the metals at a proper location. It is advisable to keep them in a safe and dry environment. Any contact with water can cause the ferrous scrap metals to rust. This will deteriorate their value at the scrapyard. Ensure that the stockpile does not block the accessibility of the property.

These are a few ways to sort the scrap metals in your business premises before sending them for recycling. If you require quality assistance from a professional source, get in touch with H.D. White Ltd. We possess a spacious scrapyard in Chichester where you can recycle different types of metals. For more details, you can visit our website today.