Unlike other materials, metals can be recycled easily at any time. The best thing about metal recycling is that even after recycling, the properties of the metal remain the same. For proper scrap metal recycling in Worthing, contact professional scrap metal recycling dealers. They follow the process of scrap metal recycling in a proper way. Before you take the heaps of scrap metal out for recycling, here’s a brief review of the scrap metal recycling process.

scrap metal recycling Worthing

Process of scrap metal recycling is explained

Collect the scrap metals

Before you go to the professionals for metal recycling, separate the scrap metals so they do not get mixed up. The scrap piece should contain more than 50% of metal for successful recycling. So, instead of taking heaps of scrap items to the professionals, separate the metal from the plastics and paper scraps. You can also use a magnet to bring out the metal scraps and separate them from the other junk products.

Sort the scrap metals

Once you hand over the heaps of scrap metals to the professionals, they will start with the sorting process. This includes visual checking, using magnets, electrical currents and spectrometers to sort the different types of metals you have piled up together. The professionals will do this to prevent any cross contaminations.

Melting and refining

The next process involves melting and refining the scrap metal pieces to remove the impurities from the scrap metal. Moreover, a few types of metals need to undergo an additional electrolysis process. This process is important as it helps in purifying the metal.

Solidifying the molten metal

Once the impurities are removed from the molten metal, they must solidify again. They are solidified into metal sheets, bars, wire and coil, and chemicals are mixed with the metal to make the site. Once the molten metal is solidified, it can be easily reused.

Manufacturing process

Once the recycling is completed, the metal parts are sent to the industries for reusing. These metal parts are also used in manufacturing, aerospace, robotics, and public construction projects. With the help of the repair and reuse process, the scrap metals can be used effectively again.

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