If you are getting worried about the future of your old car or those damaged machines in your factory, you might need to visit a local scrap metal yard in Worthing. These are the places that deal with scrap metal and offer recycling services of the same.

In short, a scrap metal yard will pay a competitive price for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals and take the responsibility of recycling these items.

HD White is one leading name in the industry of scrap metal in the UK. They offer multiple services related to scrap metal collection and recycling in Worthing and surrounding areas.

Before you visit a scrap yard to sell or buy scrap metal, it would be helpful to obtain some vital information about this entire process.

How do Scrap Yards work?

In practice, metal merchants, and independent owners visit scrap yards to sell their scrap metals. In return, the owners of these metal yards offer them a certain amount. These companies will purchase all types of metal junks and then start recycling them as per the UK’s latest metal recycling regulations. The rate of the metal depends on two things;

  • The weight of the metal piece
  • The market value of the item at the time of selling

Category of Scrap Metals

Typically scrap yards divide the metals into three categories based on their characteristics and toxicity on the environment.

  • Non-ferrous
  • Ferrous and
  • Electronics

What Type of Metals Do They Deal With?

A reliable and experienced company of scrap metal can handle different types of items ranging from old cars to the broken machines and body parts of large vehicles. Some of the common items that you can find in a scrap yard are;

Scrap Cars: Cars come with a specific lifespan, and after that, you have to get rid of them. The body of your vehicle is typically made of various metals like steel, aluminium, copper, etc. Once your car reaches a point where you can no longer use it, it would be better to sell it to scrap metal merchants for recycling and earn money.

Commercial Metal: Whether it is a small factory or a big warehouse, the commercial industry produces a huge amount of metal scrap in the UK. If you have such scraps in your commercial property, you can contact HD White for recycling.

HD White also offers lorry services, including skips to meet your needs. Our skips range from 8-40 yards, and we have a variety of barrels, bins, and tanks. For more details, kindly get in touch with us.