Do you have a huge unplanned pile of scrap metal at the end of your demolition project? If yes, then don’t fear because the scrap metal removal process is quite easy nowadays because of the presence of scrap metal merchants. Although the huge pile of scrap metal might initially seem like a nightmare, entrusting the work with the professionals can make the process smooth. They organise the metals, arranges for pickups, cleans the place and pay you the price.

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All you have to do is find a reliable scrap metal merchant near you and leave the rest of the worries to them. Read on to know about the simple steps that will resolve the issue within the blink of an eye.

Check and organise your metals

You must sort out the number of metals and types of metals you want to give away for scarp pick up. Also, identify and keep a record of the types of metals you’re selling and the same weight. If you don’t have the time or ability to perform this task, mention the same to the company while hiring them.

Hire a scrap metal merchant

Once you have estimated the total scrap metals available with you, hire the company to deal with the clearing of the same. Discuss how you want your scrap metal to be removed. This can be either free scrap pickup, scrap removal or demolition, or removal of the scrap; as per a mutual agreement between the two parties, the further process occurs.

Pick up and clear of metals

You can arrange for a free pick up or choose to get a container dropped off at your place. Either way, round your valuable metals, will get transported at the earliest. The companies offer various containers of different shapes and sizes depending on the amount of metal scrap present on your premises. If the load is less, then the scrap may get cleared within a day.

Scrap removal process

If you entrust the complete work to the professionals, they will arrange for the pick up of the scrap metal within one or two days. The companies will remove all the scrap metals from the construction site and carry them away for demolition purposes. The companies will remove all the scrap metals and take them away for recycling purposes. They will leave behind the non-metal parts on your site.

Receive payment for your metals

The main idea behind the scrap removal process is to initiate the correct price of the same. After weighing and separating the metallic parts from the non-metallic ones, they will do the valuation and pay you the money you deserve.

H.D.White Ltd

At H.D. White Ltd., we have been recycling scrap metal for over 60 years. We accept both ferrous and nonferrous metals and will give you the correct valuation of the same. Hire our experts and enjoy a hassle-free scrap metal removal process.