Sustainability is the need of the hour. The planet has been overexploited, and it is already quite late to be realising it now. But people are still aren’t aware as much as they should be. One of the most valuable resources that human beings enjoy are metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous. Just like the majority of other resources, these are also limited and are non-renewable natural resources. Once exhausted, it will take millions of years to replenish the reserves. Fortunately, it is effortless to preserve this resource by practising scrap metal recycling. This has been gaining momentum recently, and if you aren’t on the train, you better get on it.

Why is it important to recycle scrap metal?

Firstly, just like you read before, recycling metal would reduce the need for extraction of new metal from the reserve. But it also has several other upsides to it. A lot of energy is spent on not only mining the metal but purifying it to make it fit for use. It is much easier to melt and mould recycled metal. This makes the process more energy-efficient and reduces the overall carbon footprint. By choosing to hand over your metals to a scrap yard, you will solve another problem. You will not add to the waste problem in the world. All the metal that could have ended up in the landfill would be used for something valuable. You probably don’t know about the vast range of things this metal is used for.

What happens to scrap metal?

  • Most scrap metals like iron, steel and aluminium are used in the construction industry. Those are used to make structural beams, train tracks, and in bridges and roads.
  • The metals are heavily used in the automobile industry. A lot of the parts of the vehicles you drive can be made with recycled metals. It will help if you always scrap cars because they contain a lot of metal that can be recycled. Not only cars, parts and the body of busses, trucks and even aircraft can be made with recycled metal.
  • A lot of scrap metal is used in the making of furniture and electronics. Scrap metal makes aids in the making of sturdy metal furniture. Metal is also recycled to make the plates that go in a refrigerator and a washing machine.
  • The roofing, fixtures and even lighting can be made out of recycled metal. Things that you use every day, like cans and boxes in the food and packaging industry can also be made from scrap metal. More and more companies have started making their products with scrap metal. They are joining in the long run towards a more sustainable planet.

After being familiar with all this information, you shouldn’t ignore your responsibilities. Make scrap metal recycling a priority. You can contact HD White Merchants, one of the leading scrap metal merchants in the UK. They take all kinds of scrap metal, domestic as well as commercial. They aim to give you a smooth experience and take care of all the metal responsibly.