Do you have scrap metal lying in the backyard of the house? Why keep it lying there without any use? The simple way is to sell them to professional scrap yards in Chichester. Selling scrap is an easy way to make money. If the scarps accumulate in the backyard, they might get rusted with time. Hence this is the best option.

However, inexperienced people might think that the process of selling metals to scrap yards is a difficult one. For them, this blog is an eye-opener. These are the steps for a successful scrap metal sale to the yards.

Steps to selling scrap metals effectively in scrap yards

Find the right scrap yard

Make sure you visit the right scrapyard to sell the metal. By right, you must check that the scrap yard is legal, reliable and reputable. This will make your dealings easier and faster. Please also note that taking cashless payments from the scrap yard dealer is illegal. If the dealer offers you the same, ensure you refrain from selling your metals in the scrap yard. Select the dealer who provides access to bank account payment.

Sort out the metals

Once you’ve found the best metal scrapyard, sort out the metal parts. Firstly differentiate between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Before bringing the metal to the scrap yard, sort them out. You can use a magnet to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts. Among different metals, aluminium is the one which can be identified easily. Ferrous metals are generally composed of steel and iron. Make sure to separate them and take the metals to the scrap yard.

Check prices at the scrap yard

The next step is a vital one. In this step, you need to check the metal prices the scrap yards offer. If you’ve selected a licensed scrap yard, you’ll certainly get the best prices after selling metal. Also, check the market rates of the metal before fixing the deal. You can compare the rates offered by different scrap yards and decide accordingly.

Visit scrap yard physically

This is the last step of the process. Here it would be best if you visited the scrap yard personally so that the metal scraps can be sold effectively without any problems. Visiting is necessary because you need to make a contract to ensure you don’t face any problems soon.

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