Scrap metal is recyclable metals that are no longer in the condition to be used in their original state. They are left over from different product manufacturing processes and some of the old and used materials. From construction waste to automobile parts and metallic household items – you can get a significant amount of scrap metal from all these areas. Commercial scrap metals are considered a great source of metal recycling which is highly useful and saves a lot of energy.

commercial scrap metal

Identify Commercial Scrap Metal

Scrap metals produced or generated in commercial areas are known as commercial scraps. It includes construction, production, supplies and retail scraps. Whether you are building something, supplying construction goods, manufacturing machinery or designing and developing automobile parts – there will be leftover metal substances that you cannot use without recycling.

How to Classify Recyclable Scrap Metals?

There are two types of recyclable scrap metals found in commercial areas: ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Ferrous Metals: These are the most common types of commercial scrap metals. The metals that contain iron and or various alloys of iron are considered ferrous metals.

Non-Ferrous Metals: The list of non-ferrous scrap metal consists of aluminium, lead, nickel, copper, tin, zinc, titanium, and alloys such as brass.

Commercial magnets are generally used to separate these two types during the metal waste recycling procedure. Since ferrous metals have iron-based steel, they are magnetic. Non-ferrous metals like brass or copper are non-magnetic.

Why is Scrap Metal Recycling Important?

Scrap metal can be a great source of raw materials for various industries. This is a great way to save energy and save the environment for our next generation. Scrap metal recycling is a major industry in the UK with a great scope of earning money. Whether you have an old car, several sacks of soda cans, a bunch of metal instruments or construction waste full of metallic objects – you can contact your nearest scrap metal specialist for authentic and reliable service.

These experts will buy your scrap metal from you and examine them to determine its type. Your old car can be sold as scrap metal and let you earn a good amount of money.

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