You all know that scrap metal is one of the most valuable items you can easily convert to cash. The metal can be anything, your old vehicle, a damaged household item or even your metal cold drinks can. Though the price of the metal scrap varies from place to place, it is always profitable to sell your metal to the scrap yards in Worthing in exchange for cash.

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Keep reading the blog to learn more about the most valuable metal items that must be sold to scrap yards for recycling.

The Valuable Metals You Can Sell To A Scrap Yard

  • Copper

Copper is the common metal that you can easily find in your house. This metal is present inside the old electronics that no longer exist. You might also know about the old copper pipes if you have recently done a plumbing upgrade. This metal is very valuable at the scrap yard and gives you a decent sum.

Though copper is a non-ferrous metal, it also has a great conductive nature. This metal has great flexibility, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. All these features make copper the best material for motors and wiring use. Copper is the key material for roofing and cookware.

  • Steel

Steel, mainly stainless steel, is the most scrapped metal the recycling facilities will buy at a good amount. Stainless steel is more valuable as it does not rust away easily. Stainless steel also has other metals like iron, chromium and nickel. This metal is available in different heavy pieces of warehouses, factories and machinery.

Steel is prevalent; you can get it on the old pipes, coat hangers and ladders. If you have a piece of damaged kitchen equipment, chances are it contains steel there. Different automotive components also have a good amount of stainless steel.

  • Brass

Brass might not be as popular as other metals, but it is available in many houses. The metal combines zinc and copper and is yellowish with a lot of red. Brass is present in the taps, door knobs and lamp fittings.

You can even see brass in the plumbing components in the home. Red brass has good market value as the metal has high copper content. You can also find red brass in sprinklers, pumps, and valves.

Only let the scrap metal lie around your home with usage. The metal can take precious space and can cause an environmental hazard. Instead, you can sell the metal scrap to the scrap yard for additional income.

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