When you are demolishing your house for reconstruction, you will be left with a large volume of waste. Most of these are construction waste like broken concrete slabs and debris. However, from the debris, you can also obtain recyclable metals.

Scrap-Metals in Demolition Sites

Metal is Integral in House Construction:

To build a firm house, the importance of metals cannot be ignored. After demolition, most of these become scrap materials. As a homeowner, you should not let go of the opportunity to trade these. You can earn a handsome amount of cash through scrap metal recycling.

Common Recyclable Scrap Metals in Demolition Sites:

In this blog, you will find out about the most common scrap metals found in a demolition site. Don’t ignore their value; take your time sorting these out and trading in these for an assured profit.

  • Copper: You might find it surprising, but scrap copper, out of all scrap metals, offers you the highest price. You will find these in abundance after demolishing your kitchen and bathrooms. The wiring of the house is also done with the use of copper wires. Take out the copper pipelines from your bathroom by using a hacksaw. The grade of copper plays an important role in determining its overall value. If the scrap copper is mixed with other metals, the overall value will automatically decrease.
  • Aluminium: Scrap aluminium can be easily found in window frames, curtain rods, sliding doors and gutters. It may yield a lower value than copper or brass, but it is useful to collect these nevertheless. Some electrical components of the house may also contain aluminium. To recycle these properly, you should contact an expert e-waste recycling facility.
  • Brass: If your home has a classical theme, you can find brass in many places. The metal is used to make doorknobs, taps and pipelines. You may also obtain a limited amount of brass from furniture and decorative materials. If your brass component is mixed with iron or copper, you should be expecting a lower value.
  • Steel: Obtaining scrap steel from demolition sites is easy. It is one of the most useful metals used in the construction of the basic structure of a home. Steel can be found in various parts of the house, especially in furniture. You can also check whether your kitchen appliances are made of steel. You can be assured of a good value when recycling scrap steel.

H.D. White Ltd

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