If you are an owner of an old and damaged car, scrapping is probably the best way to still get some money out of it. Before you start looking for reliable scrap car companies in your locality, it is necessary to understand how you can scrap a car for the most money.

Scra Metal Scrap Cars

There are many parts a vehicle contains that are highly valuable, even if the body gets old. It will be helpful for you to know what car parts you can leave for scrapping to grab a good amount of money.

The GPS System

Modern cars have GPS systems to track the vehicle easily. This system has a high value in the car recycling market. You can remove it from your car before sending it for recycling and then sell the GPS tracker to get some extra cash in your pocket. Car dealers and parts collectors can easily buy these products.

Car Batteries

The battery of your vehicle plays a vital role in keeping the wheels on the move till you use it. The battery can be useful for you even after the car is considered junk. Most junkyards that deal with scrap metals do not have much space for car batteries. You can sell this part of your car individually to earn more money.

Car Engine

Before the scrap car experts take the vehicle to the scrap yard to treat it as junk, they would prefer to take the engine out. You can sell the car engine to old car parts dealers and collectors. If the engine is too old to be used further, you can consider it for recycling car body parts.

Car Stereo

Modern vehicles have advanced entertainment parts in them. The car stereo or music system can bring good money into your pocket. Giving it to the junkyard can be a major waste. You should find a car dealer or individual buyer who can buy and install your car music system for a new vehicle.


If the tyres of your old vehicle are still ready to hit the road, you should consider selling them individually instead of putting them in the recycle bins. You can find car dealers who can buy old tyres and resale them at a good cost.

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