If you visit a garage and notice that the amount you have to spend to repair your car is more than its actual worth, it is a sign that you should junk your car. There are numerous scrap yards scattered all over the UK to help you with the task. They will scrap the metal and other vital parts from your car and pay you for it. The primary benefit of car scrapping is that few of the scrap metals have a high market value. But before you start looking for an Authorised Treatment Facility where you can recycle your scrap car safely, legally, environmentally and get paid for it, know the common scrap metals.

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3 Common Scrap Metals

  • Copper

Copper occupies a significant portion of the global economy as it is widely used in various core industries like electrical, communication, motor and heavy industries. There are various sources of scrapping copper around us. You will find them inside the electrical appliances we generally use in our home like dryers, fridges, computers, washers and old television. Though there are various types of scrap metals, scrap copper will help you earn the most per kg.

  • Zinc

Zinc is generally used with other materials to extend their life. When items like wood, plastics or steel are galvanised, you will get zinc as a residue. Sometimes, a layer of zinc is added to steel as a protective coating to prevent it from rusting. You will find galvanised steel lamp posts on the road in some countries as the metal is resistant to atmospheric corrosion. Scrap zinc metal is recycled and used in everyday items like window handles and race medals.

  • Aluminium

Two common sources of aluminium are scrap cars and used cans. The soft metal is quite popular as it has low density and can prevent rust. Manufacturers prefer recycling aluminium than extracting it from its ores as the former cost lesser.  Few common products made with recycled aluminium are aluminium foils, window frames, beverage containers and cooking pots. It is also used as a conductor of electricity to make electrical wires. The scrap value of insulated aluminium wires is quite low.

H.D.White Ltd

Since you are now aware of the common scrap metals, it’s time you take your car to an Authorised Treatment Facility. H.D.White has updated knowledge and the latest equipment required to process metal. Not only do they give a good price for scrap cars but also collect them for free and do all the paperwork.