Is your backyard full of scrap metal? Then, it would be best if you planned soon to get rid of the mess. Here’s a list of the common mistakes you might be making while scrapping metals.


Improper sorting of the metals

If you have just dumped all your metal scarps without segregating between them, then you’ll certainly get a very low price when you decide to sell the same. Mixed scrap metals get the lowest prices. You need to sort and separate the metal scarps first. Don’t mix aluminium, brass, copper and steel. Remember, every scrap metal has its rate in the market. Mixing them makes it difficult for the dealers to fix the exact rate. Moreover, it becomes problematic even at the time of weighing the same.

No knowledge about market rates

If you’re not tracking the market rates of the scrap metals, then any dealer will easily fool you. The prices of scrap metals keep on changing with changes in the share market. You need to keep a close watch on the market trend if you have scrap metals for recycling on your premises. It’s a mistake if you stay ignorant about the ups and downs of the price and rates. Having no information will not fetch you any profit.

Selling the metals to the wrong dealer

If you randomly select a scrap metal dealer, then again, you’ll be making a big mistake. Remember selling the scrap metals to a specialised dealer can help you get the right price for the same. Moreover, they will have good tools for dismantling and recycling the metals. Otherwise, there is no use in selling the metals to such wrong dealers. Hence, researching the right type of company is the first thing you should do when planning scrap metal selling.

Not guarding the scrap metals

Metals are valuable and can bring in a good price. Hence, you must protect your scrap metal from theft. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the scrap metal lying in the backyard without any protection. You might have probably heard stories of metal scraps getting disappeared from construction sites. Similarly, if you leave your metal scraps unprotected and unguarded, then anyone can steal them and sell them for a good price. Keep your scrap metals locked up in a covered area not to get damaged or stolen.

H.D.White Ltd

At HD White Ltd, we are dealing with scrap metals for over 60 years. We have advanced tools for the effective recycling of scrap metal pieces. Hence, if you have got a huge dump of scrap metal that you want to dispose of, hire experts from us and get the right valuation. We follow the market rates and provide accurate prices for all your scrap metal parts.