Our scrap metal services near Worthing are carried out in conjunction with our company’s set principles and guidelines. Therefore, despite the different location, our services and dedication to customer satisfaction remains the same.

Transportation Services

We are recognised as among the best scrap metal merchants covering Worthing, offering a number of vehicles which help meet customer needs by transporting scrap metal from anywhere in and around west sussex. All depot is staffed with capable workers which are tasked with the following duties:

  • Shredding, shearing and baling services
  • Provision of lockable skips and containers to ensure safe delivery of scrap metal
  • Best prices for scrap metals
  • Favourable returns on scrap materials
  • Specialized facilities that aid in the scrap metal recycling
Therefore, the services we provide make us a preferred choice among small and large businesses alike.

Driving services

Our customers are our prime focus. We ensure that we are well-connected with them to deal with questions that may arise from their end. This open line of communication that we have established prevents the occurrence of major issues.
We also enlist drivers who are specialized in picking up scrap metal from customers.
Our skip hire services have been successful owing to our containers and bulk tipper bodies, which are used to collect materials. Leak proof containers are also available.

Our scrapyard services worthing

Our machinery is of the highest specification. We also ensure that our equipment and machinery is maintained and serviced regularly to avoid breakdowns. To this effect, we have in our possession cutting machines; baling machines, press in addition to shear and magnet separation machines.
In addition, we also offer skip hire services as well as roll-on-off vehicles and bigger vehicles which help meet customer requirements.

Environment-friendly operations

Our site is compliant with set environmental standards. We have in place comprehensive waste management practices which help us in our efforts to consolidate waste streams.
We also have in place a complete waste disposal system, making us a company that is also committed to preserving the environment. Therefore, our efforts to recycle scrap metals (ferrous /non ferrous metals), will meet customer requirements.

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