Professional Factory and Site Clearance:

HD White offer factory and site clearance that’s convenient and hassle-free. We make sure we get the job done properly so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

For each project we take on, we have a set of management and planning guidelines we follow, ensuring that no aspect of the job is forgotten. We also make sure we alter our plans to suit your unique needs, making the project entirely personal to your site.

First, we’ll get to know the job at hand, discussing with your directly what you need so we can start to create a plan of action. We’ll then begin to map out every aspect of the job, from how long we expect it to take to the transportation we’ll need, right down to the smallest of details. By doing this, we can give you a clear idea of what we’ll be doing, and we can provide an organised and complete service.

As we’re associated with British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA), we’ll be sure to recycle as much of the material at your factory or site as possible. We’re serious about environmental standards and want to help you do your bit for the world by recycling your waste. For anything that can’t be recycled, we’ll dispose of it safely and responsibly.

We also have high-tech processing and clearing equipment, such as our portable X-Ray analyzer, which can give us precise information on the stainless steel and alloys we’re disposing of, and our Lefort five-hundred tonne shear, which drastically speeds up offloading times. By investing in this equipment, we can carry out your factory and site clearance to the best of our ability, getting the job done quickly and thoroughly.

We have a vast amount of experience when it comes to factory and site clearance and can work on anything from warehouses to automotive factories. Our team are all trained specifically in clearance, and we know exactly how to handle a job, ensuring you’re happy with what we do. We’re also vigilant with safety procedures, helping each and every job we do to go smoothly.

When you work alongside HD White, we’ll provide the labor, equipment, planning and complete management of the clearance project, so you can sit back knowing that we’re getting everything done for you. We believe in doing everything to the best of our ability, and we never leave a site until you’re completely satisfied. That’s just how we do things.

We are in association with:

BMRA – British Metals Recycling Association

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