Scrap Metal Services

Our comprehensive scrap metal services near Bognor Regis, Worthing and Chichester have enjoyed tremendous success.

We offer scrap metals to industries and businesses at competitive prices. Therefore, the company is committed to work effectively on a large scale by investing our resources in world-class equipment which in turn helps us reduce processing costs, thereby generating extra revenue for our customers.

Anytime, anywhere

Apart from our already established location in the Littlehampton area, we have also extended operations with scrap collections in Worthing, Chichester and Bognor Regis our existing sites offer a range of options and services which help in the management and recycling of scrap metals as well as anything surplus. Therefore, our yard is equipped to handle any load!

We meet customer needs

The company has the capability to handle one-off collection, waste collection services on a regular basis and evenat multiple sites. We are more than able to meet customer and business requirements without a second thought.This assurance will aid customers in choosing us a preferred partner to work with for future assignments as well.

Our metal recycling yards at various locations are open to visitation businesses, tradesmen and consumers. You can come and deliver you scrap metals at our sites, while also getting a competitive price for it.


Our company welcomes both large and regular amounts of scrap metal waste. We are also able to arrange for the signing of a waste handling contract in addition to other metal recycling services that one may require.


We as a company also offer skip collections and roll on bins among others to our customers. These services extended by us help provide complete flexibility when it comes to transportingscrap metal from one point of contact to the other quite efficiently.

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