Bognor Regis

Our scrap metal services have been extended to Bognor Regis, without compromising on quality or customer satisfaction.

Qualified services

The site houses a private fleet of vehicles which help in the successful running of the business. All our centres, including the one near Regis Bognor, employs only qualified and capable workers to perform the following functions:

  • Performance of shredding, shearing and baling
  • Supply of lockable skips and containers
  • Competitive prices for scrap metals are some of the best in the business
  • Ensures great returns on scrap materials provided
  • Specialist facilities that helps process metal in the best way possible
Our services as a scrap metal merchant covering Bognor Regis qualifies us to cater to small and blue chip businesses with equal ease. Therefore, your trust in us will validate our continued need to provide qualified services.

Well-maintained site

The machinery at our scrap yard near Bognor Regis is of high specification. They are also regularly maintained and updated. The machines at our disposal are cutting machines, sorting machines, baling machines, press in addition to shear and magnet separation machines.

Additionally, we also possess a range of specialized transport; this includes several skip and roll-on-off vehicles as well as bigger articulated vehicles that will meet customer requirements and expectations.

Driving services

Our Accounts Managers at our site closeto Bognor Regis, ensures that customers can remain connected with a singular point of contact to deal with a variety of issues that may crop up.
This apart, there are specific drivers which are assigned to aid clients with personal service.

Therefore, we are committed to provide drivers that will helpweigh and collect the scrap materials. Our skip hire services, for which we have in place containers to bulk tipper bodies, to collect materials.

Waste management

Our centre near Bognor Regis ensures that it complies with environmental standards. Therefore, to this effect, we also have waste management practices in place which helps us consolidate waste streams.

We take an active approach to ensure that waste disposal is complete, therefore making us a preferred choice. Therefore, the expertise we possess in recycling scrap metals (ferrous /non ferrous metals), helps us as a company to lay emphasis on providing atailor-made package to our customers.

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